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  1. zhenitals

    legendary box doesnt work

  2. zhenitals

    cant login to my account

    my account Zhenitals is logged in and hasn't logged out and i cant get on him.
  3. zhenitals

    Day 1 Vs day 2 on ElementalRSPS

    hahah oh yeah ags for banana hahah
  4. zhenitals

    Day 1 Vs day 2 on ElementalRSPS

    Day 1 Day 2 This is obviously a joke, we have fun here hahaha.
  5. zhenitals

    Godwars Zamorak/Saradomin guide

    Godwars Dungeon Guide Zamorak. Mid level Pvm. all 3 of combat styles are viable, but magic works best. Magic 92+ Range 80+ melee 90+ stats at least 37 prayer (80 recommended) Requirements: 60 agility Inventory: runes for blood barrage. 3-6 Prayer potions,4 Saradomin brews, a overload or magic...
  6. zhenitals

    godwars Bandos/Armadyl Guide

    thank you ima keep adding all of godwars guides including nex in the near future
  7. zhenitals

    38kc pet

  8. zhenitals

    godwars Bandos/Armadyl Guide

    God Wars dungeon Guide Bandos. Mid level Pvm. Melee or range works. 90+ in melee stats or 80+ in range At least 43 prayer (over 70-80 for better DPS) Bring the best gear you have. Inventory: requirements: 1 Hammer. 1 Overload, up to 3 prayer pots for multiple kills. 4 Saradomin pots, and ether...