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  1. Elevate

    Wildy Pvm Keys

    WILDY PVM KEYS The keys are obtained from NPC's in Wildy. Depending on the combat, depends on the rarity of the key. Lowest to high rarity of keys: This is what u get from the green key: This is what you get from the red key: This is what you get from the blue key: This is what you get...
  2. Elevate

    Fresh Bug list - No spam - keep it simple

    Bug List Big thankyou to nando for creating another server and bringing back a lot of old friends together for another laugh. Several years of laughter and more to come From now on if you comment a bug in the new thread ,i will be budging it up to the actual post list so its simple and easy...
  3. Elevate

    Drop party at 30 players

    When we hit 30 players ill be doing a drop party !! Invite all your friends and make sure you are vote when the voting system is up and running ! The Event will take place in a few months time ( up to 3 ) keep yourself updated and click the WATCH Button at the top of this post for all...
  4. Elevate

    Elevate’s introduction

    Hi I’m an administrator for Elemental RSPS Heres some things about me ! I’ve been helping Nando on many servers for years now. I’m age 21 I’m from the UK (Reply if you are from and/or love the UK ! Im happy to help anyone on this game or just have general conversation ! The more you treat...
  5. Elevate

    Lmfao check this out

    Check it
  6. Elevate

    Construction guide 1-99 Fastest Cheapest methods

    To start Construction click on the construction skill and talk with the Estate Agent. Dialog box will tell you what to do
  7. Elevate

    Fishing Guide 1-99

    First click on the Fishing stat. Trade this guy to purchase the fishing equipment you need. 1-40 : Small Fishing Net, Shrimp and Anchovies 40-62 : Cage, Lobsters 62-76 : Big Fishing Net, Monkfish 76-91 : Harpoon, Sharks 91-99 : Bait Fishing, Rocktail Also, if you have Brawling Gloves it...
  8. Elevate

    Thieving Guide 1-99 fastest methods

  9. Elevate

    Mining Guide

    Normal ores: To start mining normal ores; click on the mining skill and choose mining guild. You can mine all ores here. Rune essence: If you want to start mining rune essence you can choose the option Essence mine. Normal essence can be mined from level 1 and pure essence can be mined from...
  10. Elevate

    Agility Guide

    Click on the agility skill at skill tabs and choose the Gnome course. Best way is to complete the parkour, Per completed round you receive 2 agility tickets wich you can trade at the agility exchange for XP or equipment. If you have reached level 35 you can train at the barbarian outpost...
  11. Elevate

    How to upload a screenshot

    go to http://imgur.com/ and watch the video: Screenshotting images link (this guide needs work to)
  12. Elevate

    Mining Guide 1-99 Fatest Methods

    Mining Guide! How To Begin Mining Click on your skill tab - Click the mining skill - Teleport to this option - Talk to this dude named ' Mining instructor ' ) You'll see this - You'll wanna buy a pickaxe these are the prices here Level Needed _____________________________ Tin -...
  13. Elevate

    Firemaking Guide

    Firemaking How to start firemaking, click on the Firemaking skill. Buy a tinderbox, use on log. Use logs on the fire. Levels: 1-15 Normal Logs - Cut almost anywhere around Deathwish: or click woodcutting skill. 15-30 - Oak Logs 30- 45 Willow Logs 45- 60 Maple Logs 60- 75 Yew Logs ...
  14. Elevate

    Cooking Guide

    Cooking Guide How to start cooking Step one - you'll need raw fish, so I suggest doing fishing first :P. Step two - Click on the skill tab , Click on the cooking skill you'll teleport here. Step three - use the Range, banks behind you. Cooking Levels: 1 - 40 : shrimp and Sardines 40...
  15. Elevate

    Herblore Guide - Fastest cheapest methods 1-99

    How to start herb Step 1: Obtaining Herbs And Ingredients Option 1. Purchase herbs from other players Option 2. Purchase Ingredients from the herblore shop. Option 3. Farming ! Option 4. Kill Chaos druids (Which are located on the Training Tab second page) Step two: Mixing !
  16. Elevate

    Smithing Guide

    How to start smithing I suggest you do mining before this, get a shit ton of coal ;P. Step 1 ; Teleport to mining, buy yourself a hammer. Step 2 ; Teleport to smithing - there's a bank right there. Step 3; Start making bars. Step 4; Make items on the anvil which is in the same place. How...
  17. Elevate

    Runecrafting guide fastest methods 1-99

    Crafting Runes: To start RuneCrafting click on the RuneCrafting skill and trade with the Magic store Owner. He does sell all the talismans. If you right click the talisman it shows the option 'LOCATE' click on that one and it teleports it to the rune craft altar. Start making air runes to...
  18. Elevate

    Summoning Guide

    Summoning Guide !! Firstly, You need to do a charm collecting grind. Which ANY Npc will drop charms. You just have to be patient on Picking them up. (Its a bore) WHERE TO START SUMMONING; To start summoning when you've collected your charms you need to click on the summoning skill Then...
  19. Elevate

    Farming Guide

    Farming Guide! Step 1 : Click on your skill tab Step 2 : Click on the farming tab Step 3: Talk to the farmer Step 4: Buy a rake, seed dibber, secateurs, Watering can Now, we officially begin farming! Step 1 : Clear the weeds, off all that you can. Step 2: First time, buy a potato seed...
  20. Elevate

    Woodcutting Guild

    Woodcutting Guide