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  1. Nandox

    Protect Your Online Privacy with Dutch Blog: Zoekprive.site - A Guide to Online Security, VPNs and Tor

    In this forum post, I'd like to share my experience starting a Dutch website focused on online privacy. With the increasing concerns over internet privacy, I saw an opportunity to educate people on how to protect themselves online. My website, blog.zoekprive.site, provides tips and information...
  2. Nandox

    Daily login/vote rewards and daily tasks

    Content: Added Daily rewards, login and vote daily to recieve these. Added a daily task system with rewards for completing them. Donator benefits on daily task completion: Bronze - X2 Blood Money Silver - X2 Blood Money Gold - X3 Blood money Platinum -X4 Blood Money Diamond - X5 Blood money...
  3. Nandox

    Back online

    Server is back online, please update client in order to play. Updates: Content: Added cash stalls to the donator zones. Bronze Donators - 3000 coins + an item filling inventory space Silver Donators - 5000 coins + an item filling inventory space Gold Donators - 7500 coins Platinum Donators -...
  4. Nandox

    Bugfix / New stronger bolts

    Fixed a bug where you'd lose all items at zuk. Fixed a bug making your character null while dying in the wilderness, Added ruby dragon bolts(e) and Dragonstone Dragon bolts(e). If you're not using the launcher please update your client manually
  5. Nandox

    Be carefull clicking links in random posts/pms

    Some spam bots have been able to somehow pass the bot check, they pm or post links which may contain malware. Please keep this in mind, and don't click random links posted or pmed by new accounts.
  6. Nandox

    New Boss Vasa, Small bugfixes

    Fixed a bug in item equipping with a full inventory which could make your shield disappear. Made ::reaper and home multi combat. Fixed pest control bots, They now kill the portals. Added a new raids boss, Vasa.
  7. Nandox

    Zelda's introduction :D

    Little late since we already spoke in game but welcome anyway!
  8. Nandox

    RSPS reddit - Earn free mystery box

    RSPS Reddit You can now earn a free mystery box every 7 days by posting on the weekly topic on RSPS reddit. Posting in the RSPS reddit will get the server more attention which means more players. If we maintain mutiple weekly post we will get alot of more interest then the newest rsps. In your...
  9. Nandox

    What is rsps

    Runescape Private Server What is RSPS? A RuneScape private server, also known as RSPS, is an user-made gaming server based on the original game 'RuneScape'. Unlike the original game, which is managed by Jagex, a RSPS is managed by individuals, friends or small teams of developers. Even though...
  10. Nandox

    Vps maintenance

    there only was a few seconds of downtime. I uninstalled the GUI again, i downgraded java versions. Everything should work now including the new content/gambling.
  11. Nandox

    Vps maintenance

    I am going to update the software and install a GUI since for some reason scripts are not getting loaded properly. Estimated downtime: 30-60mins.
  12. Nandox

    15-06-2020 - Boss event - Gambling

    Gambling could be working have to test it out live
  13. Nandox

    15-06-2020 - Boss event - Gambling

    Content: Added Soul reaper as a global boss event. Made the well of goodwill in the quest tab clickable to get the current state. Updated the vps and figured out why some of the code was not working. Gambling: Bugfixes/misc. Fixed bounty hunter/wilderness interface. Fixed wilderness wyrm...
  14. Nandox

    New forum theme, section icons, usergroup legend

    This morning i purchased a membership for the forum software that we use. I found a pretty cool new theme and some plugins. I hope you guys like it. Sincerly, Nandox
  15. Nandox

    Tekton pet - Discord new accounts

    Made a tekton pet added it to the drop table. Made new created accounts automaticly open up the servers discord.
  16. Nandox

    Discord to cc/cc to discord / re-implemtation of gravestones / misc bugfixes

    Added clan chat to discord and discord to clan chat intergration. https://i.gyazo.com/859a7abaf7f3c9ea47a18ceb2bcdc1e5.png/img] Fixed bh/wild lvl interfaces. Re-implemented graves should be good this time(BE AWARE WHEN YOU DIE). Fixed double pest control points thursdays. Removed broken revenant...
  17. Nandox

    Banned from discord

    Bro i have no idea. I have asked them to provide me with evidence of what they said in this maiil, becouse someone who doesn’t like me might’ve reported me mutiple times. Haven’t had an reply yet might be becouse of the weekend tho.
  18. Nandox

    Banned from discord

  19. Nandox

    New landing page

    Check it out if you haven’t https://elementalrsps.com