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  1. Elevate

    Krv Shader is back

    legend good to see u back bro
  2. Elevate

    17-03-2020 - The Comeback

    Great news! time to make another iron man lols
  3. Elevate

    Lmfao check this out

  4. Elevate

    Fresh Bug list - No spam - keep it simple

    GEM STALL @ ::DZONE needs fixing, nothing happens when you click it
  5. Elevate

    18-09-2019 - Imbued capes/Elevatezone

    Great work guys romeo - nando Thankyou for the Zone for me also and any staff that would like to use it, big love for that :)
  6. Elevate

    Just some suggestions

    i +1 and love the idea of majority of these hopefully they get put into play or nando likes the idea ect - hopefully you can bring cosmetic customs back in cause i enjoyed the minigun and a lot more stuff you done :) +1 +1 +1 this post- make these happen
  7. Elevate

    15-09-2019 - Shoutbox

    Good job
  8. Elevate

    14-09-2019 - Some minor improvements

    Great work bro
  9. Elevate

    Wildy Pvm Keys

    Cheers bro
  10. Elevate

    Wildy Pvm Keys

    WILDY PVM KEYS The keys are obtained from NPC's in Wildy. Depending on the combat, depends on the rarity of the key. Lowest to high rarity of keys: This is what u get from the green key: This is what you get from the red key: This is what you get from the blue key: This is what you get...
  11. Elevate

    Fresh Bug list - No spam - keep it simple

    #20 when going into Dzone you'll get a thank you for supporting deathwish messege
  12. Elevate

    7-09-2019 - Bugfixes / Some new supply drops

    Amazing work Nando, Keep it up¡¡¡
  13. Elevate

    Bug List - Elevate

  14. Elevate

    Rewards from 100 Crystal Keys

    Great post, good work
  15. Elevate

    Fresh Bug list - No spam - keep it simple

    Bug List Big thankyou to nando for creating another server and bringing back a lot of old friends together for another laugh. Several years of laughter and more to come From now on if you comment a bug in the new thread ,i will be budging it up to the actual post list so its simple and easy...
  16. Elevate

    Bug List - Elevate

    Always been like this - its cosmetics anyway
  17. Elevate

    Bug List - Elevate

    Diamond can not enter diamond Zone No daggonoth kings - replaced with Aquanite Diamond + is not getting double rare drops - ( E.G = 1 rare drop = 2 dkites )
  18. Elevate

    Bug List - Elevate

    -------- Bugs posted from Slashbash--------- (that's his name) Normal Bug: D++ Dart Not working with Toxic Blowpipe (And maybe no range bonus/Ava's effect - I don't know what should and shouldn't be tho) Ironman Specific Bug: No where to buy vial of water (Not a bug but just cleaning herb...
  19. Elevate

    Bug List - Elevate