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02-04-2020 - Some minor QOL/Fixes and updates


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Hello guys,

I've done quite alot of work and i am taking a evening off hahah

-Updated a part of the client no one really sees regarding interface loading even though you don't really notice anything it was a good QOL update. If you expierencing any troubles clicking buttons or using interfaces let me know asap.
-Update prayer and fixed it, your prayer would not go down at 0 before and the toggle option worked on 0 this is now fixed:
-Fixed a pathing issue which was not checking npc size while fighting them as result u could stand in them and attack them etc:[
on the left is the old pathfinding on the right the new
Please note that there could be npcs still walking in to you. My previous attempt to re-do the pathfinding failed and my hotfix was setting all npc size to 1 tile, i am not able to restore every npc size seperatly, if you see the npcs walking in to you/weird distanced like before please post the names of them in a topic.
-Found some more sound ids i added to the client.
-Started a knowledge base on the forums.
-Highered the combat exp since ive seen new players complaining.
-New prices for donator ranks:

Bronze $20
Silver $50
Gold $100
Platinum $150
Diamond $300
Ruby $500

F-ixed the gambling system buttons should work again.
-Upgraded the well of goodwill filling it will now activate different stages of money and else just drain down:
All stages grand 1,5x lotalty points:
Stage one - 30% Bonus XP - 250m
Stage Two - 2x Slayer points - 500m
Stage Three - 2x Blood money in pvp areas - 750m
Stage Four - 2x Vote points from claiming scroll - 1000m
Stage Five - 2X Boss Points & 2x exp - 1250m

That's most of it for now,
Have A Great Day!


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