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11-05-2020 - bug/combat fixes


Staff member
Hey all,

Removed the easter event.
Fixed clicking achievements to see progress.
Added scrollwheel support to interfaces that use mutiple scrollbars(dropchecker, pos,etc).
You can now use spacebar to skip dialogues and 1-4 to select options:

Fixed blowpipe shooting itself on last ammunition
Fixed zaryte bow.
The combat stone at home should no longer move.
Npc aggression now stops after 5 minutes of beign in an area.
Fixed the prayer orb disapeaing when drained while using the osrs gameframe.
Warning the mechanics on death have been re-worked you will now lose your items on death, However a gravestone will appear under which your items will be. other players can bless your gravestone to make it last longer.

Replaced the revenant town by the osrs revenant caves.
Added discord rich pressence:

Made it so that both the person who reffers someonee and the person that gets reffered get a mystery box + 60 minutes of bonus exp.
Changed the kc for donators at gwd.
Fixed most range weapons max hits.



Ruby Donator
Nice update! Keeping stuff on death was nice to chill out afk some boss but i guess that's not how it should be XD