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16-04-2020 - Late easter + a little content


Staff member
Hey everyone today updates include:

Stopped the combat stone from giving exp.
Improved item switching should now be able to do it in 1 tick.
Made a small event for easter, you can start the event by speaking to the easter bunny at home.
Fixed the hp for dark warriors and a few others in the wild.
Added an automatic voting contest which will record the votes that you have done and recieved in game, these will be added to an array list when a winner gets drawn they automaticly get their price.
Changed the cash rewards from voting to 2m like the scroll says.
Added a easter 2020 pet:

I've added perks to the following items(more to come):
Ranged Cape: functions as accumulator
Prayer Cape: Functions as bonecrushes(auto bury npc bone drops).
Hitpoints cape: Functions as ring of life.
Defence cape: Functions as ring of life.
Cooking cape: 1/10 chance to cook a double food.
Mining cape: 1/3 chance to get 2.4x the exp for mining a rock
Slayer Cape: Acts as a ring of slayer with unlimited charges.
Woodcutting cape: 10% exp increase while woodcutting.
Thieving cape: Steal double seeds from the master farmer.
Fishing cape: 1/10 chance to give you 2 fish on the action.
Firemaking cape: 1/3 chance to get double exp for burning a log.
Summoning cape: 1/3 chance to create double pouches.
Smithing cape : 1/20 chance to create a double item from bars.
Runecrafting cape: 1/3 chance to get double energy fragments.
Hunter cape: 1/10 chance to get double red chins.
Herblore cape: 1/5 chance to clean 2 herbs on 1 action and get double exp.
Fletching cape: 1/2 chance to make double darts and double bolts.
Farming cape: Same effect as Magic secateurs(2x herbs on harvesting).
Crafting cape: 1/3 chance to create double battlestaffs.
Agility cape: 3 bonus tickets on course completion.
Attack cape: Double tokens at warrior guild.
Strength cape: 3% maxhit increase

Added smithing shop to smithing area and removed the resources from the mining area.
Fixed clicking pet to pick it up.
Nulling exp should no longer be possible.
Added revanant dragons these can be found in the new gold donator+ area.
Added noted vial of waters to the donator herblore shop.
Completed quest tab.
Added ::diamond teleport command.
Added ::revdragons teleport command.
Made prayer reflect the appropiate amount.