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26-05-2020 -Summoning scroll creation - Live feeed -Special attack fixes


Staff member
Added godcapes/imbued godcapes to the untradeables table.
Shooting star/Evil trees now show the rights location in info tab.
Live loot feed added to the main website.
Live ingame feed added to the site.
Summoning special attack scroll creation has been added:

Tweaked the Dragon thrownaxe special to be instant like on runescape.
I noticed a few special attack max hits were not indentical to runescape so i corrected the following special attack max hits:
Dragon Dagger.
Abyssal dagger.
Armadyl crossbow.
Abyssal whip.
Barrelchest anchor.
Toxic blowpipe.
Statius warhammer
Magic short/longbow.
Dark bow.
Heavy ballista.
Dragon mace.
Armadyl godsword.
Bandos godsword.
Zamorak godsword.
Saradomin godsword.