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8-09-2019 Bugfixes/Switching improvement/Wilderness Keys


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Hey everyone thanks for the bug reports
. I also worked out an idea i've had for a while(wilderness keys) this will be a great addon once i'll make wilderness slayer

  • Improved item switching (for hybrids etc) it should now allow you to switch mutiple items in one tick.​
  • Farcasting with magic should be improved if you find bugs regarding this please post them.​
  • Added the toxic blowpipe's healing ability to the special attack.​
  • Lowered the value of some resource items to improve the QOL.​
  • Added mage arena teleport and fixed the levers.​
  • Slayer tasks should be fixed(will be starting on making wildy slayer soon)​

Added wilderness keys:

  • Npcs which are 25 combat or lower have a chance to drop green keys.​
  • Npcs between combat level 25-50 have a chance to drop a yellow keys.​
  • Npcs between combat level 51-75 have a chance to drop orange key.​
  • Npcs between combat level 76-130 have a chance to drop red keys.​
  • Npcs beteen combat level 131-224 have a chance to drop pink keys.​
  • Npcs above 225 combat level have a chance to drop blue keys.​
I've changed the color of the key drops so you won't miss them when receiving a drop.​

The chest can be found in level 52 wilderness west of the mage arena.



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Great work