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Back online


Staff member
Server is back online, please update client in order to play.



Added cash stalls to the donator zones.
Bronze Donators - 3000 coins + an item filling inventory space
Silver Donators - 5000 coins + an item filling inventory space
Gold Donators - 7500 coins
Platinum Donators - 10000 coins
Diamond Donators - 15000 coins
Ruby Donators - 20000 coins

Added an Iron man cosmetic shop - need some suggestions on what more to add.

Started a ruby donator zone.
Bank area:

Cash stall:

Chaos druids with noted herb drops:

Evil tree which gives noted magic logs(slower in ticks then regular magic)

Rune Rocks which give noted Runite Ores(slower in ticks then regular rune rocks + gems still occur)


Fixed void and elite voids ranged bonus.
Protection prayers now fully protect against damage vs npcs:


Elemental Member ⚔
Glad we're back online see some huge fixes aswell! i'm glad you're adding the iron man cosmetic shop as i've suggested before :D
ideas for cosmetics
-bunny ears
-maybe like recoloured rares like sleds/phats/h'weens
-coloured graceful
-gnome scarfs
-skin colours for makeup mage
-skilling outfits
i'll try think of some more this is all i have for now, also did you fix the dragon harpoon wasn't working before server went down

thanks again much love <3