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Fresh Bug list - No spam - keep it simple

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Bug List

Big thankyou to nando for creating another server and bringing back a lot of old friends together for another laugh. Several years of laughter and more to come

From now on if you comment a bug in the new thread ,i will be budging it up to the actual post list so its simple and easy to read for nando to understand. When he fixes one he will edit my post and edit a line through.

Please if you would like to post a bug list.

  1. Make sure you bullet everything.
  2. Make sure its simple and not a load of mumble jumble
  3. Please respect the server is only in Beta mode right now and isn’t fully don’t - nando lost all the old client backups and had to stitch alot together so give the absolute legend some time.

  • Diamond players can not enter Diamond zone
  • Diamond Zone gem stall broke
  • Some rune essences rocks don’t work, only one of four
  • Bandits have no drops
  • Need level 74 dragganoths that drop have drop list (there is a drop list on ::drops though)
  • experiments not giving slay exp or dropping the task amount down
  • Squrtile is a slayer task but cant be found anywhere (some shit from old custom serv)
  • Voting System is currently not working
  • Not enough players ;) i know this isnt a bug - but we all need to be shuving our ass weight to help nando advertise, too vote and to respect and love and give a warm welcome to any new players joining.

Other peoples bug lists - I’ve not personally checked them I’m just sending message across.

Maurice’s Bug list

  • accumulator is not safing darts from blowpipe also darts not appearing on ground.
  • some items in plat/dia zone cant be bought.
  • not sure if its a bug or its meant to be but alot of npc ignore protection prayers
  • spec from blowpipe is not healing

Slashes Bug list

  • D++ Dart Not working with Toxic Blowpipe (And maybe no range bonus/Ava's effect - I don't know what should and shouldn't be tho)
  • No where to buy vial of water (Not a bug but just cleaning herb to get to 85 without donator boost feel wrong) (ironman)
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when going into Dzone you'll get a thank you for supporting deathwish messege


When logging in its shows some potion buff
Some NPC's are not showing drop tables. (think it has to do with last update)


when searching an item in bank and withdrawing it, there won't be a placeholder, also when re-opening bank after searching an item it will still be showing your previous search results


GEM STALL @ ::DZONE needs fixing, nothing happens when you click it
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