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(Maybe) Some QOL Suggestions


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Here's some stuff I think could make player life better.

1. Better defence and some att bonus on Barrow gear. It's THE gear that every Iron Man should and will try to get at some point. Full Dharok doesnt give any str bonus for exemple. (Aborted cause it work like intended. Ty Romeomazta!)

2. Double Ava's effect! For real using anything above runite bolt cost money more then we can make. And I'm not even talking about the Dragon Dart and the fact that a Zulrah kill give arounf 15 dart each... It's pure non sense at that point... Again I'm thinking about my Iron man that couldn't even use Blowpipe XD

3. Make Bossing fun (even without Nex gear) I'll be rude and honest on that one, No body like to get hit by constant 40 and pls don't take the team bossing point. Again the issue is with Iron man that just eat a full inv of rocktail per boss kill... It just s**k XD

4. Ironman Herblore Store. First I wanna say ty to Nando for all the job he did on adding all we need in monster drop but I also want to know what everyone is thinking about this one. A store with only ingredient, recipe book, and vial of water. My personal story on this one is that i spend 5h+ trying to get some water vial to make potion when i got my D kite under 1h... I know I've been very lucky on the D kite but you get my point right? It's just some water vial... XD And again, My personal feeling on this one is that it's not fun at all to loot herblore ingredient. Getting the herb trought looting or farming is enought '' Ironman '' for me.

Atm, I don't have any fun Bossing on my iron man. I will buy nex gear someday... But if it's a need to have fun in elemental when bossing SOLO I think it's an issue right?
Have a Nice Day!
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Thanks for your suggestions and honesty we need that.

On the barrows subject, thats just what barrows is defensive gear if u want some attack bonuses consider amulets rings helms and boots.

On the other 2 suggestions thoose can't be denied and imo we should look into it :)