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My suggestions / request for some fixes


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So theres a few things that I have found to be more tedious than anything to figure out.

1. Make a shop for the smithing area and take the bars and hammer out of the mining shop.
2. There's currently a bug with the blowpipe where once it runs out of ammo it swallows the weapon from your hand (Happened to me twice now). Could be an easy fix (I have no experience in coding so not 100%) to maybe not allow it to shoot without ammo and a text popup to say you've ran out of darts.
3. Put vials/vials of water in the donator herblore shop.
4. Think this ones been mentioned in a previous post but the pathing of the mobs are broken I think (noclipping through walls and other unpassable objects), also I know some bosses stand too close so you cannot attack them whilst they can attack you or they keep walking too close which makes your character moonwalk whilst taking damage (I definitely know this is a problem with Bork).
5. Similar to 4 but Zulrah is half broken. Sometimes you have to be standing literally directly next to it for you to even be able to start dealing damage and when it pops up at the bottom you're unable to attack it at all.
6. The prayer bar next to the mini-map is bugged so when it declines in value the bar gets rid of the numbers so you don't actually know how much prayer you have.
7. Diamond+ thieving stall does not work at all and I think could be an easy fix.
8. More farming patches and tree patches would be great to speed up farming quicker.
9. A lot of bosses MASSIVELY hit through the respected prayer protections.
10. The loyalty shop (Titles) buy buttons don't work so you're not able to acquire the different titles (doesn't really affect me but i noticed it didnt work).
NEW BUG - 11. Not massive but you now cant pickup pets that you've summoned

Thats about everything that I can think of off the top of my head but if anyone has any others feel free to post a reply to this thread.

If i find anything else I will add it to here and I will cross out any that have been changed/fixed.

Thanks for reading my sexys <3
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