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Runecrafting guide fastest methods 1-99


Crafting Runes:

To start RuneCrafting click on the RuneCrafting skill and trade with the Magic store Owner. He does sell all the talismans.

If you right click the talisman it shows the option 'LOCATE' click on that one and it teleports it to the rune craft altar.

Start making air runes to level up. Till you are level 40. (If you like to train it this way its okay too)

Siphon Fragments:

Bring some food because they hit you!
When you are level 40 you can start siphon fragments from 'green energy source' (the one in the blue circle)
Keep Siphon these till you are level 72,
When you are level 72 siphon the 'yellow energy source'(the one in the red circle)

The fragments you collect can you trade for equipement at Wizard Distentor.


You need to go too your skill tab
And click on this skill

You'll teleport to this place
, first you'll wanna talk to this wizard Name: The magic store owner.
Than you'll wanna talk too this wizard : Wizard Distentor to teleport to mine the runes. Left click for option
or Click on the mining skill
and click Essence Mine.

Now - How to make these runes.

Step 1 ) buy the talisman for the level you have.
Step 2 ) Click on the talisman, and click locate - you'll be teleported too the area you're able too make runes.
Step 3 ) Click on the thing in the center, and the runes will be made - and Repeat.

This is the shop you'll see when you talk too the 1st wizard

The prices are listed down here as well

Air Talisman - 1k
Mind Talisman - 1k
Water Talisman - 2.5k
Earth Talisman - 2.5k
Fire Talisman - 2.5k
Body Talisman - 5k
Cosmic Talisman - 3.6k
Chaos Talisman - 10k
Law Talisman - 20k
Death Talisman - 30k
Blood Talisman - 50k

Levels needed to make runes.

Air runes : Level 1
Mind Runes : Level 2
Water Runes : Level 5
Earth Runes: Level 9
Fire Runes: Level 14
Body Runes: Level 20
Cosmic Runes: Level 27
Chaos Runes: Level 35
Law Runes: Level 54
Death Runes: Level 65
Blood Runes: Level 77

Tip - After Body Runes you'll need pure essences.

Once you've reached level 40 you can teleport back too the Runecrafting area, and start siphoning orbs.

Level 40 - you can do the green ones.
Level 72 - you can do the yellow ones.

These are very good xp, One of the fastest way to get 99 runecrafting.
Tip - you do get injured from these, no you cannot avoid it. BRING FOOD.

Congrats on your 99!