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Smithing Guide


How to start smithing

I suggest you do mining before this, get a shit ton of coal ;P.

Step 1 ; Teleport to mining, buy yourself a hammer.
Step 2 ; Teleport to smithing - there's a bank right there.
Step 3; Start making bars.
Step 4; Make items on the anvil which is in the same place.

How to make the bars, and level needed.

Bronze Bar : 1 Tin And 1 Copper ore
Iron Bar : 1 Iron Ore
Steel Bar : 1 Silver ore
Gold Bar : 1 Gold ore
Mithril bar : 1 Mithril ore and 4 Coal ores
Adamant bar : 1 Adamantite ore and 6 coal ores
Rune Bar : 1 Runite ore and 8 Coal ores
__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Levels needed :

1-15 Bronze Bar
15-30 Steel Bar
30-50 Mithril Bar
50-70 Adamant Bar
70-99 Rune Bar