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Woodcutting Guild


Woodcutting Guide
To start Woodcuttig u can click on the skill Woodcutting and it will teleport you to this place.

talk to the guy in the yellow circle he sells axes and a knife and normal logs.
Buy an axe and start chopping the trees. all the trees till maple are here.
Cut here till you are level 60 to go to the yews.


Walk south till you see this place
Cut these till you are level 75 and go for the magic trees.

Magic Trees:

Magic Trees are located at the west side of firemaking teleport. (teleport to firmaking and go west till u see this place) Thanks to gonzo bonzo for that one

Donators have theire own magic trees at ::Dzone.
And Plat/Dia donators have their own trees at plat/dia zone!