Elevate's Manager Application


In-Game Username:
Elevate / Elemental

Real Life Name: Aydan Vei Velocity

Age: 21

Location: Uk

Languages: Poland / Uk

History and length of stay at Deathwish? i believe it's 4-5 years now.

Duration of time online, as well as the hour you’re usually on? (Converted to GMT) i play 247 unless i'm on work shift.

Why would you like to become a Elemental Manager (specific examples)?:
i have been supporting, moderating. and also doing a fair amount of admin work in game and also have been developing and co-ownering the discord server for as long as i can remember ( started from the bottom now we are here). i would love to be an Elemental Manager as i really enjoy putting on new events. putting things into play and have been very on it with supporting the server since day one, i think i'd be recognized as the perfect event manager as i been on the server's for a very long time now.

i have skills in event managing already with a Uni degree. i love planning. One of the best things about being an event planner is the versatility of the job.
i could name an event where four or more people are gathered together to accomplish something? ; to me this is a very good skill of mine and i really enjoy bringing the community together and having fun and games inside the game.

The biggest difference in the network you build as an event manager and other jobs? The community becomes like family. You spend hours with them, usually on game or forums, working through highly intense settings and very emotional feelings. They know your business finances, live through the successes and failures with you, and love you anyway.

What separates you from other applicants?: i have been helping, supporting and respecting the game for a very long amount of years now. i already have a lot of skills within this area already in real life, taking these skills to a game should be pretty easily done

Why would you make a great addition to the staff team?: well, i'm already in the staff team and would like to progress onto pulling the community together being a Manager for Elemental, i've always had great appreciation upon the owners staff team, the work he does himself and the community it selves.

Do you have any talents/skills that could benefit Elemental in any way? all i can say i've done this stuff before but a bit differently. hosting my own events ECT in real life. i have a degree in management already and i think i'd absolutely ace this and put on a great show for the community !

In three or more sentences summarize why you should have the opportunity to become part of the team: well like i said i am already apart of the team i just believe i would enjoy being one step ahead and i'd like to be sat around helping the community grow and possibly doing videos and more for the community. i would really enjoy putting my own events on for the community. tournaments, parties, gatherings, advertisement, events itself and a lot more to come !

Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Manager that you will be demoted?:
Yes: I (Elevate), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Manager, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings.
No: Application Nullified


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