Fishing spot bug, Rune Javelins, and Wizard Hat bugs

Hey, I found a couple of bugs while playing around the server. I tired just posting in the bug report chat on Discord, but no dice. So I read from the beginning and found out I needed to come to the forums to do any reporting of bugs that I find, I've added pictures to all of the bugs I noted, only currently 3 that I found.

This is the "Rocktail Spot", it only allows for the use of a harpoon to catch fish here. Which is should only allow the use of a fishing rod and the Bait for Rocktails.
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Rune Javelins equip to Weapon slot instead of ammo slot.
I'm not too sure if this extends out to bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and Dragon javelins, but I found it did happen with Rune.
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When equipping just the Wizard hat, a purple/pink lightsaber appears on the ground under you and follows the character model indefinitely.
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